The Workshop

I have recently completed an extension of the Workshop, I removed approx 40 tons of clay (by hand) & extended the Workshop by about 1/3.

As you walk through the roller door this is the left hand side, the right hand side is the Showroom.

This is the main workbench I can reach most of the tools & small parts I need without getting off the stool.

The booking in desk

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The waiting room for sick instruments

My latest two tools/toys a mini mill & a mini metal lathe (the timber lathe is at the other end of the workshop.)

I have an extensive supply of banjo bits here are some

More parts & specialty tools.

The plastic boxes on top of the shelf contain a huge supply of Banjo/Guitar & Mandolin parts.

There is also a reference library.

The Ukulele Guru decal was on the side of the motorhome when I was running ukulele workshops in Qld, NSW, & the ACT. (Guru means teacher)

The electroplating area is where I do Copper & Nickle plating, I can also remove rust using electrolysis.

I will be doing Gold plating in the near future.

In the spraying area I use a lazy Susan & a drum stool to allow me to turn the job as I'm spraying.

I asked my mate John Elleson (a guitar Luthier) to make me a double sided bench, this side is for sanding

And this side is for Staining & Colouring, inc faux wood grain finishes.​

I developed a method of doing neck re-sets using steam instead of having to remove the neck, It's gaining wide spread popularity.

The beer fridge is in the background.

This workbench also doubles as my wife's spa (she's not happy!).

The storeroom is for banjo cases & for the better quality instruments I leave in the case.

These are some of the vintage cases I have in stock.

This is where dead & dying F hole guitars go to die (I may get around the fixing them one day)

The back of the workshop part of the area I excavated.

My quality control manager checking the wood stack for creepy crawlies (Her name is Missie)

The very professional photographic studio used to photograph instruments to sell LOL.

The Showroom & Veg out area, also used for Jam sessions.

Note the coffee table with the built in drink holder.




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This is the end of the Workshop tour please exit through the gift shop.

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