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    John in 1972  & 2019

                                                                                       About John Miner  

John has been Building & Repairing Guitars & Banjos since 1970

He currently offers...

* Banjo Repairs/Restoration & Sales

* Guitar repairs

* Ukulele Repairs

* Banjo Ukulele/Mandolin Repairs (Banjolele) & Sales

* Mandolin  Repairs 


He learned the ukulele from his father as a child then he started playing banjo in 1969 changing to (mainly) acoustic guitar in 1970 when he moved to New Zealand.

In 1974 after returning to Australia he opened The North Shore Piano and Music Centre in Crows Nest (Sydney) where he learned the finer points of repairing pianos & continued to refine his skills in repairing stringed instruments.  

The North Shore Piano and Music Centre also had a large music school where John taught Guitar and Banjo.

He sold the business in 1980 & moved to Cairns in North Queensland where he continued to deal in pianos, guitars and banjos.

He also formed the very popular "Dixie" Jazz band (John played banjo & vocals) Dixie is still performing to this day.

As a solo performer, John loves to play ragtime jazz, blues & country although he is competent in many other styles of music.


He has performed in many bands from Folk, Dixieland Jazz, and Country to Rock.    


In Oct 2015 John returned to his home in Brisbane after spending 5 years travelling around Australia with his wife Kate & cat Rattles in his Winnebago Motorhome playing music (Kate also plays Guitar & sings) and collecting interesting stringed instruments. 

Opening Hours

By appointment

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