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The $8000 Vintage Flamenco guitar that many people felt was a write-off is finished. It was never going to be perfect but I’m happy with it. There is no filler (bog) in it only lots & lots of pieces of timber & a massive amount of various glues. The major challenge was that the timber was so dry it turned to powder when I was working with it. The guitar has now been re-hydrated & the timber is no longer dry.

It was a little bit of work each day for about 3 months & most of it was a labour of love because I’m only charging the customer 25% of what the price should have been, but it was an interesting challenge & a learning curve.

The side had to be dark to conceal the damage.

z (2).jpg
z (3).jpg

A couple of years ago I developed a method of re-setting a guitar neck for free using steam. Here is a lovely email I have just received from Wales.

Here is a link to the very rough video


Neck reset



Wyn Edwards <>

Tue, Aug 25, 10:20 PM (20 hours ago)

to me

Hi John,
    Thought you would like to know that I tried resetting the neck on my Takamine guitar having seen your steam method on YouTube. I was told by the so called experts that a Takamine neck is difficult to take off and reset due to the use of epoxy glue and that I would have to get the neck sawn off and a bolt on conversion carried out!! and cost approx £700 Sterling as I am in the United Kingdom! well, your method worked perfectly!!! but I have to admit that I could’nt wait 3 weeks so after a week and a half I took the clamps off!!!! and it’s now been 2 months and the neck is still perfect!!!!!
   Just like to give you a big thanks!!!!!!!
            Kind Regards
                Wyn Edwards, Wales,UK

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